Global Expansion in Impossibly Difficult Times

Darren King 24th March 2020

The Need to Survive

The world has changed, seemingly overnight. For those of us involved in the hospitality industry, we’ve seen our customers’ income vanish before our very eyes. As a vendor partner to the hospitality sector, with a strong focus on Guest room entertainment solutions, we see the impact of Covid-19 immediately. We’ve had contracts suspended, new installations delayed or cancelled and services being switched off. All as a result of our customers being forced to close. It’s a devastating situation for everyone within the hospitality industry, as well as those in many other sectors.

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If we take any positives from the current situation, the measures now in place are to ensure this won’t exist forever. This time should be used to prepare and adapt our working practices and attitudes, ready for a more challenging and somewhat different environment. It is very clear that it will take some time before travel and hospitality returns to normal. Those Hotel Technology projects, along with many others might be difficult to complete, especially where international travel is involved.

What is clear right now is we all need to survive, before we can begin to thrive once more.

Survive to Thrive

ROOMNET relies on our installation and project team to travel the globe. After all, we have customers across every continent of the globe! In the second half of 2019 we began building our partner program, preparing for further global expansion. Building a strong partner network would allow us to grow and install successfully in regions that were traditionally difficult to reach for all hospitality technology vendors, either physically or from a commercial viability perspective. Immediately it became obvious that ongoing training and upskilling would be a critical component of our partner program.

As COVID-19 unleashed itself on the world and we all ground to a halt, our team focused on education, accelerating our training documentation & videos. As we identified above, education would be key in enabling both partners and our customers to manage installations. Moving to a situation where our own team are no longer required physically on-site. Hotels with staff who are not able to perform their normal function could be quickly and effectively re-purposed to provide installation services. This has a huge impact by saving jobs, saving money and giving staff that ‘oh so needed’ purpose during this difficult time.









Technical Solutions Over Come Social Distancing

Iglu student accommodation in Australia has recently done this very thing with ROOMNET. Sourcing all hardware locally, installing it into rooms themselves, followed by a remote deployment of ROOMNET’s software and management platforms. Considering the travel ban, and the current requirement for social distancing a typical on-site deployment would have been impossible to complete. A scenario which would have left the students with no entertainment solution, at a time when they need it the most.

Realising the benefits of ROOMNET’s Apple TV solution has allowed Iglu to take cost savings to another level. The solution, which includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and the full Apple App Store, has allowed Iglu to install this solution into the rooms without linear TV channels. The amount of on demand content ROOMNET can supply means there is little appetite for watching the TV channels. The result is significant cost savings by removing TV package subscriptions.

Our partner in Japan, .TOO, is leading the charge for us locally, undertaking their first installation of ROOMNET’s Apple IPTV solution in Osaka. This hotel was planned to open just before the Tokyo Olympics. While the Olympics are now postponed, upon opening this Hotel can still be confident in the Guest Room Entertainment System. Again, without the education, training and hand holding of our team remotely, this would not have been possible to complete.

As the world, and the hospitality industry return to normality, we can be assured our partners will have the skills to support and execute our installation programs anywhere in the world. So, when this is all over, we’ll have weathered the storm and be ready for the rapid growth that surely lies ahead of us.

Partner With ROOMNET

If you’re an IT services company servicing the hotel industry, please reach out to our team to discuss our partner program to help us serve your customers, remove costs and reduce our carbon footprint. Similarly, if you’re a hotelier looking to streamline operational costs while updating your entertainment & guest services solutions, please contact one of our team. We can show you how you can use technology to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Perhaps you can even install it yourself!

In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.

About the Author

Darren King – Founder & Chief Mischief Maker

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Darren has built the ROOMNET brand and business through a relentless drive to always look for the better way, by putting the guest experience at the front of everything he does. Now Darren is sharing his thoughts, week in week out, on how RoomNet are disrupting the Hospitality technology space, showing you how to bring the ultimate guest experience to your hotel, Apartment or shared space through technology.




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